About our Arizona Quail Hunts

This list will grow, but these question should explain our hunting adventures. Let us know what we need to add to this list.

What do I need to bring?A good pair of hunting boots is a must. We do a lot of walking, most often on un-even and rocky terrain. Don’t normally see any rattlesnakes during most of the season so those uncomfortable “snake boots” are not a necessity. Bring your own shotgun, shells and hunting vest. Chaps or “brush buster” pants are also a good idea, especially when hunting Gambel’s and Scaled Quail.What to wear.A lot of hunting in Arizona is done in shirt sleeves. Usually a light jacket is the most you will need, and then only for the first walk of the morning. You will need a good pair of hunting or hiking boots. The fall and winter months are very unpredictable, and it is a good idea to always check conditions a few days before your hunt to get the latest conditions. Where will we meet?We normally meet our hunters at a location that is central to our hunting locations. You will receive information about our meeting place and time when you confirm you hunt and let us know where you will be staying.Will I need a vehicle?Normally our hunters ride with us in our trucks. You will need transportation to our meeting place and back each day.Where should I stay?Once Mearns’ season opens we are headquartered near Sierra Vista, Arizona. We suggest our hunters stay in this area. A list of Sierra Vista accommodations can be found using the link on our Links page.Where can I get a hunting license?Hunting licenses are available at all Wal-Mart and K-mart stores. You can also get your license online. This is a very easy and convenient way to get your license. The Big -5 sporting goods store in Sierra Vista also sells licenses.Packages Now Available with Lodging Included.We are now offering packages that include lodging at the beautiful Last St and Guest Ranch in Sonoita. Visit the Ranch website for a tour of the amenities. www.thelastst andguestranch.com/Contact us for rates to add a non hunting companion. Rates: Our rate is $500 per gun – per day with a two gun minimum. Rate including lodging at the Last St and Guest Ranch is $650 per gun per day with a two gun and two day minimum. Weekdays only we will take a single hunter and the rate is $750 per day, the rate with lodging at the Last St and is $900 per day with a two day minimum. Includes lunch, snacks, drinking water and soda pop. A deposit for the first day of hunting must accompany your booking with the balance due at the time the hunt begins. Deposits are non-refundable.What kind of shot should I use? What about chokes?This all depends on what gauge you are using and how quick you get your first shot off. If you are a 12 gauge shooter, we suggest using a 1 1/8 oz load that has about 1200 fps velocity. For Gambel’s and Scalies use a IC/MOD set up in your double barrel gun, or pick one or the other for your single barrel gun based on how fast you get your first shot off. You can use 7 1/2 for all three species. 20 gauge shooters should use 1 oz. HIGH Brass loads (2 3/4 dram equivalent) with 7 1/2 size shot for Gambel’s and Scalies. Mearns are normally shot much closer, so we recommend using a 7/8 oz. load of 7 1/2 or 8 shot. Chokes for 20 gauge guns should be open for Mearns’ and a little tighter for Gambel’s and Scalies. I use SK/IC for Mearns’ and IC/MOD for Gambel’s and Scalies.Can I h andle it?That is a real good question. We are hunting wild birds only. We work very hard at it and often our walks are a couple of hours or more over hilly and often rocky terrain. The elevation varies from about 3800 to 5500 feet, depending on species, which also contributes to fatigue. The average age of our clients seems to be about 58. We do the best we can to adjust our hunts to meet the limitations of our clients and many of our clients are 65+. We are hunting only wild birds, we have to hunt them where they are, not where the walking is easy. We are not responsible for your lack of good health and we require all of our hunters to sign a disclaimer that relieves us from any responsibility should you have any kind of accident or injury including heart attacks. SEE DISCLAIMER/LIABILITY RELEASE