Quail hunting in the southwest has long been one of the greatest thrills an upland hunter can enjoy.
Arizona is home to 3 species of quail: Gambel’s, Mearns’ and Scaled. Most common is the Gambel’s quail,
which is found throughout the state. The Scaled quail, sometimes called “blues” are located in the
southeast part of the state. The Mearns’ quail is unique to the southern part of the state at elevations
above 4.000 feet.

We plan your hunt your way.

Whether you are hunting for a day or for a week, we can customize your hunt to achieve the objectives you
desire. We hunt the entire state, and can combine all 3 species of Arizona quail into a hunt of a
lifetime. We often bag more than 1 variety on a single walk. For more information about hunting in
Arizona, give us a call. We will be glad to help you plan an Arizona adventure you will remember. We
welcome corporate groups.

A good hunt starts with good dogs.

We have been very blessed to have some top quail dogs. Starting with Soda’s Tequila Shooter, a 
NSTRA Champ and NAVHDA Utility Perfect Score, to 3x NSTRA Champ Teton’s Quest, 3x NSTRA Champ Teton’s
Bullet, 4x NSTRA Champ Teton’s Slick, NSTRA Champ Teton’s Sport, Teton’s Cruise and Teton’s Powder, our
dogs have always excelled. Our dogs point, back and retrieve, or they stay home.

Your dogs are welcome, but we never leave ours at home. We enjoy watching good dog work and will work
with you to introduce your dogs to our desert quail. It would be a good idea to have yours snake broke
before you plan on hunting.