2019 – 2020 Arizona Quail Season Information

Dates – Outlook – License Information

Where to Buy Licenses

Arizona hunting licenses may be purchased online at license.azgfd.com.(Linked to logo below) If you purchase a license online, you must print the license from your home printer. The Arizona Game and Fish Department will not mail your license to you. Licenses also can be obtained from any license dealer or Arizona Game and Fish Department office. Walmart stores all offer licenses and are open evenings.

 Type of license required:

Short-term Combination Hunt and Fish. Allows take of all aquatic wildlife statewide, including Community Fishing waters, small game, fur-bearing animals, predatory animals, nongame animals, and upland game birds. A valid stamp is required for the take of migratory game birds. 

Non Resident offered at $20 per day. 

2019-2020 Arizona Quail Season

Gambels and Scaled: October 18, 2019 through February 9, 2020

Mearns: December 6, 2019 through February 9, 2020

Outlook for 2019-2020 season. We had above average winter and spring rains statewide and expect an improved season for Gambels and Scaled quail in all of the areas we hunt. We have continued to scout to expand our locations and private ranch opportunities. The extremely tall grasses in the primary Mearns habitat areas last year will increase the hold over and if we have normal or better rains this summer we should have a very good Mearns season.