Comments and Feedback from our 2015 Clients 

  "Don, I want to thank you for a great hunt, it could not have been better.  I also want to say a few things about our guide Patrick.  I told him that my wife had hunted before, but not with dogs.  He explained how it would be in the field & stayed with her during the hunt. He put us on 8 covey's & worked to put her in the best possible place to make a shot.  He also shared his knowledge of the birds we were hunting & the local area.  Watching the dogs work was beyond our expectations.  Thank you again for the hunt of a lifetime, we'll see you next year." Robert & Anne    
"I had a great day hunting on 18 Dec with Pat Flannigan. He and his dogs are super bird finders and he is a very personable guy and excellent company with whom to spend a day afield. I really enjoyed the day. Thanks."  JJ Roche
"Don, Just got back Tuesday night from 3 days with Patrick and wanted to let you know we had a great time.  Had one of our 3 days where we had a lot of rain that probably held the birds down but the other days were great.  Plenty of birds, good dog work, and knowledgeable and dedicated guide in Patrick.  Thanks again."  Gary Kaufman
From pro dog trainer, Ugo Pennacchietti:
Mr. Lee, I can't thank you enough for the experience we had quail hunting Arizona. Our guide Patrick was consummate professional, accommodating, and worked relentlessly to provide us with repeated opportunities on coveys of both Mearns and Scalies! As a professional bird dog trainer, trailer and judge I would be remiss if I did not say that the dog-work was stellar. Patrick has a natural gift for handling dogs. Some folk take years to become handlers. Some folk will NEVER be competent handlers. Patrick really "gets it" which allowed the dogs to blossom. Thank you kindly and we look forward to our return!
Guide, Patrick Flanagans comments on the day:
Yesterday I ran dogs for a person who made his career in training pointers and setters for competitive trials as well for the foot hunter. He did not tell me he did this until the end of the day. It was my best run this year. Never said a word never used the collar and the dogs ran big and came together after 400 yard separations. He complimented the dog work all day and his son said it was the best hunt of his life. We had big coveys and they weren't interested in singles only rises. Future looks bright at Az Covey Breaks.
 One of my favorites from our early years
    I sent a note & a few pictures to a Southern gentleman who hunted in 2001.
Joe, I ran across these old photos recently while searching for some to use on my website and reminisced on the day. It was a day long remembered, particularly the walk along the border when old Sport pointed that covey 60 yards into Mexico. I couldn’t get you or Bob Kane to hop the fence and work them, but remember fondly how you two did your duty and pass shot a pair of those villainous little buggers when they tried to sneak into America. Patriots then, and patriots now. The border was secure that day in that area.   Hope you are doing well.  Don
His Reply : "Yes I have all of these pictures  framed and available for viewing in the man cave downstairs! That day was one on the best I ever spent on this earth....Sport was fantastic, the environment was exceptional, the shooting was a mess of birds....nice lunch....great fun with you and Bob....had a few beers after the hunt.....Thanks to you after hunting the honey hole!  I had dinner at the Sonita Steakhouse and listen to to some female country singer do a few Emmy Lou Harris numbers! " Keep in touch! Best Regards Joe